Help, how to participate?

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Help, how to participate? Empty Help, how to participate?

Message par Breakman le Sam 21 Mar - 1:49

Help, how to participate? Entate28

Aid, how to participate?

Hello to all.

To participate, you must register on the forum.
You fill out a short form that you must write your e-mail.
Once registered you (and your dance group if you have one) will go you are in "Understanding the crews and candidates." It is not compulsory, it's polite Wink
To participate in contests, Battles and tournaments, you must first create an arena to launch and receive challenges from other users. You can then post a request for moderators and, if accepted, host your video on sites like "youtube", "dailymotion" or "Wat" and then send the link to the moderator in question.

Your videos will appear in time (7 days for 5 days and then to vote) with a vote open to the public.
Customers will only need to vote for their favorite dancer or group.
Of course, the dancers and crews will only separate groups against groups and a cons.

Good participation.

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