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Principles for Battles Entate27

Rules for Videos

The rules are simple:

Rule in areas relating to: the video (s):

1. No insults, on the actions of a sexual or racist and indecent.
2. Each participant will submit its head early in his video expressing aloud are first name, nickname or alias in order to prove that it is this person.
3. The videos will take between 2 to 3 minutes, knowing that there are 10 to 30 seconds presentation at the beginning (it takes at least 1min30s to 2min of).
4. The videos should not weigh more than 10MB to allow for easier trade between the host and the forum.
5. The video will of course be installed later, it is one of the council do to ensure better compliance with timing.
6. There should be no advertising on the video (like a link to your site or that of an acquaintance).
7.The transitions and effects black and white or sepia are tolerated, but the dance scenes are slowed or accelerated prohibited.
8.Votre video should be hosted on all three hosts: Youtube, Dailymotion and Google Video.

Rules for candidates:

1. A person can stand alone or in groups in class.
2. Groups do not have to exceed 15 people (girls and boys combined).
3. The clothes should be a decent minimum, otherwise the style is of course completely free.
4.A person or group can come in several types of dances for one or championships.

Rules place

1. The place is entirely free, however it should not be overexposed to the sun throughout the video or if the dancers can not be recognized, even for a place too dark (these may be acceptable but in the short term video).
2. The places with a public are welcome (scenes, streets, etc ...)
3. The decor does not obstruct the visibility of the choreography (disruptive to leading by example).

criteria on which you can play:

1. Video editing: It will be important and will rate your video, transitions, melting and small dead time in the dark will welcome and give you an advantage. The best video will climb better chance of winning.
2. Your Music: The music that you will dance will also be very important, so choose carefully. It may also be added later to avoid the sound of some videos that are of poor quality.
3. Staging: clothes, costumes and locations. All these factors will impact on the Internet, do not forget!

Principles to win:

You must apply for a Battle in the listings available for this purpose.
If the request is accepted, a moderator will be responsible to the Battle off. You will then have a week to your video, editing and hosting on the Internet.
Once your video host, you send it by PM to moderators involved.
Once the time elapsed, the Battle will be launched and the votes will be conducted during 5 days.
The winner receives 20 points.

The competition takes place in the same way except that the basic rules are laid down (a theme, a technique to put ...).

Championship follows the same rules, they are in eighth place, however, quarter, semi and final.

NOTE: The discussions in the forums or are located competitions, battles and tournaments are prohibited. If you want to talk, there is a forum "Discussions" for each style of dance.

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